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The procedure of registration is as follows.

The procedure of registration

For Applicant in Japan
Please send your membership fee by Postal Money Order. Credit card can not be accepted.
Postal Money Order Account No.:
Subscriber Name (Pay To) :
Japanese Society of Animal Science

Note: Student members living in Japan should be registered from Japanese page.

For Applicant Abroad help
Please complete the credit card payment application and mail or fax it to the JSAS office. JSAS will pay for the charge. Check and bank transfer is not available.

Note: The registration is not completed until the fee delivery is confirmed.

Application Form

š is an indispensable item.

Membership Typeš Regular membership
Student membership      help
Name Mr./Ms.š Family nameFirst nameMiddle name
Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)š
Genderš Male Female

Company or Institution help
Company or Institution Nameš
Postal code
Phone no
Fax no.
E-mail addressš

Home address
Postal code
Home Phone no.
Home Fax no.
E-mail address

Note: Certification of eligibility is required for Student Affiliations.
I certify that applicant is a regularly enrolled college student who does not hold a full-time position under my supervision.

The Name of Supervisor
Membership Number of Supervisor
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